Always into making me spread my wings, my mother bought me a used Pentax camera in my early twenties, challenging me to learn something new and capture the essence of a special Moment in Time.

At the time I was riding and showing my horse “Too Many Mornings”, and driving to the “Jolicoeur” farm in Hudson. When we moved to Dwyerhill Farms,  I expanded my learning experience photographing horses.

A natural progression to another sport was the National Tennis Tournaments held here in Ottawa. The Ottawa
Athletic Club also became one of my sport clients with “World Squash” and “Tennis Exhibitions” by top players of the time.

“Skate Canada” and the “World Figure Skating Championships” Also became clients and a wonderful experience being held in Ottawa at the time.

A constant in every day, was my vision and passion for Fashion and what I could capture for the client, whether a portfolio shot or for advertising. I have worked with some great agencies and models.
I love looking  to find that very special moment, that second that captures the essence of beauty that I see. I continue to photograph Horse shows, which includes Dressage and Jumping, as well as personal bookings for custom photography that will capture your memories.

"Photography is to Capture the Essence of  a special Moment in Time"

William Been defines this beautifully: 
A photographic moment captures the essence of the experience. Our photos are just a slice of time... That's a lot to take out of the equation when you're trying to capture the essence of an experience, but good photographers do it all the time.

Our photos are just a slice of time. There's no motion, no sound, no scent or sense of touch. That's a lot to take out of the equation when you're trying to capture the essence of an experience,

We see sports photos that show the excitement, energy and passion of the competition. 

We see concert photos that convey a cacophony of light, sound and gesture. 

The great portrait moment doesn't come from your camera or lighting setup. It comes from expression or gesture.

I capture that special moment with my vision just for You.

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